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“Hello, Welcome to Wellhausen Window Cleaning, LLC.  Servicing Lake Geneva, Williams Bay, Walworth, Fontana and the Geneva Lakes area.  We know that window cleaning can be a huge task which is why people put it off.  We are a high end, high quality, very affordable window cleaning company.

Not only will we clean the glass of your windows but we also want to clean your sills, screens, and tracks.  Leaving you to enjoy the view from your home once again, maintenance free.  See your yard, neighborhood, and the world in HD with streak free windows!”

Greg Wellhausen  Owner, Wellhausen Window Cleaning 

Greg and Mel - Wellhausen Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Our Business is Making Your Home Shine

Whether it’s a residential or a business window cleaning job, you can be assured that Wellhausen Window Cleaning will provide quality workmanship with a strong eye for detail.


Scheduling an inside/outside cleaning first and in 4-5 months get the outsides done is a great way to aid your windows from eventually needing some repair.  It also keeps your view clean and clear. However, there is no bad time to get your windows cleaned and whether you are preparing for a party, a family visit, or want sparkling windows again, we can assist you in all aspects of the window cleaning procedure!


It’s easy to forget your outside lights as they are often looked over. Keep in mind that your lights serve a decorative purpose and give off a welcoming light to you and your guests.  Taking care of spider-webs, dust, and bird waste we will clean the inside and out side of your light fixtures. We want to help you in anyway we can.  So if you need a light bulb changed or smoke detector battery changed let us know and we will be happy to help you out.


Mirror cleaning is another service customers love. We clean all different kinds of mirrors including wall mirrors, mirrored closet doors, and most commonly bathroom mirrors. Bathroom mirrors are most commonly cleaned because of everyday grime such as toothpaste, finger prints, hair spray, ect. Add mirror cleaning to any job today!

Post Construction

Post construction clean up of your news homes’s windows include the removal of several types of debris including tape, paint, stickers, stucco, silicone, and heavy dust.  Removing this debris should be left to a professional window cleaner and not just a regular cleanup crew.  We have the right tools and technique to remove the debris safely and right.

Satisfaction Guarentee

We go beyond what is expected and do our best to make your life as comfortable and clear as possible. When it comes to window cleaning, we are your trusted professionals.

On Time, On Schedule

We’ll work around your schedule to make sure your windows are clean and clear anytime during the year.

No Home Too Big or Small

It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is. It’s the memories you make in it and we want to make sure your view is crystal clear

Pay Anyway

We’re here to make your life easier, that’s why we accept all major credit cards, cash and checks.

Greg at Wellhausen Window Cleaning did a great job for me! I look for 4 things when hiring anyone....Am I comfortable with this person in my home? Is it a local business? ( I like to hire local, and especially family owned businesses) Do they do show up on time? (I was raised to NEVER be late) Do they do a good job? My appt was at 7:30 am, and he was right on time. My windows were very dirty due to much construction in the neighborhood. I was stunned when I walked in and saw my home. My windows were so clean and clear, that my 1950's cottage looked brand new! Greg did an incredible job! Will definitely call again!

Michael B.

My windows are so clean! Greg really did a wonderful job and I had some very old windows which I'm sure were no fun for him! The pricing was fair and he's a very nice guy. I recommend his company wholeheartedly.

Colleen A.
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